Initial site remediation works commenced in August 2017 and are now complete. The second phase of enabling and infrastructure works are due to begin in quarter 1 2018 and will include the formation new roads and walkways around the basin. Linkages will be formed from Clydebank town centre down to the waterfront. Along the waterfront a mixture of public parks and walkways will be formed to provide access to cafes and bars.

  • A new, state-of-the-art health centre and care home are due to start on site in summer 2018.

The entire development will be serviced by a water-sourced district heating system, Scotland’s first major district heating network. The intention will be to extract heat from the River Clyde and distribute this to not only residents but the wider Clydebank community, making it the greenest town in Scotland.

More detail on the phasing will be coming shortly.